How Cement Changed What a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do

Posted on: November 4, 2014

Cosmetic Dentista cosmetic dentist, we understand the important role that continued innovation plays in our dental practice. We need continued investments in medical research so that our patients can benefit with access to new procedures that can improve their oral health. It is a misconception that dentistry hasn’t changed much. In fact, the innovations of the past thirty years have revolutionized what a dentist can do. Starting in the 1980s there was a major shift in how a dentist restored teeth, and that led to a new demand for smile makeovers. It all started with cement. In the 70s, dentists knew that they could do more by bonding things to natural teeth, but they didn’t have a good solution for doing so. In the 80s, resin cement was invented, and it became widely used to bond ceramic crowns to natural teeth for restorative purposes. As dentists became able to restore a tooth with a durable and natural looking solution, it opened the door for things like dental veneers. This made it possible to not just restore but improve the appearance of natural teeth. Hollywood stars were early adopters of dental veneers and started using them to transform the appearance of their smile. Stars like Tom Cruise used to have unattractive teeth that were stained and misshapen. As celebrities improved their smile in droves, the American public started looking to these solutions as well. Any time there is a high demand for something, more innovation follows as researchers look for further ways to use the application. As a cosmetic dentist, we can thank resin cement for the invention of the smile makeover – something that our patients love. This basic cement also led to another important invention – the dental bridge. Prior to the dental bridge being invented, patients that lost a tooth had to depend on dentures in order to replace it. While dentures are a practical solution, patients had no options, which can be frustrating. A bridge works by securing a crown to the two teeth that surrounding the missing one. The crowns hold the bridge and a new tooth in place. Without resin cement, these crowns would not be durable enough to hold the bridge up. Now, they are, and this is still a popular non-surgical solution for replacing teeth. A recent technological advancement has been in how we replace teeth. With the invention of the dental implant, we can permanently replace a missing tooth for the first time ever. While dentures are taken out daily and a bridge is secured to surrounding teeth, this is the first solution that stands on its own. By implanting a metal post under the gums and securing it to the jawbone, we create a new root system to replace the old one. A crown is secured to the metal post in order to complete the procedure. The result is a true replacement tooth that stands on its own, looks, feels and behaves like a natural one. As a cosmetic dentist, we will continue to invest in new technology so that our patients benefit from dental procedures that can improve their oral health.

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