There’s An Invisalign Solution for Everyone

Posted on: January 5, 2015

InvisalignBeing extremely discrete, Invisalign® has rapidly become the go-to solution for adults who want to get their teeth fixed. After years of living with teeth that are crooked or misaligned, now adults have a solution that does not require them to have a mouth full of metal braces. This, along with the flexibility offered by Invisalign®, is why more adults are choosing this remedy every day. Convenience and flexibility are very important in today’s hectic lives. This option, for many adults, is about the convenience of eating whatever food they chose and the flexibility to remove the aligners when necessary. On the other hand, many parents have not made the leap when it comes to getting their children braces.  As a result, many ultimately chose to put their child in the old school metal braces, instead of the convenient and comfortable Invisalign® Teen. Having a product for teenagers just makes sense. Teenagers are very concerned about their looks, given the intense amounts of pressure that is placed on them to look their very best. Having a solution that fixes their teeth, while not filling their mouth full of metal, is ideal. Another aspect of teenage life is the need to be fluid, eating whatever they like and not having to take extra care of their braces is just an added bonus of using this solution. Finally, most teenagers have a very busy schedule. Between sports, extracurricular activities, school, and an active social life, few teenagers have the desire to spend any time in the dentist office getting their braces readjusted and realigned. With all these factors to consider the makers of Invisalign® have a new product named Invisalign® Teen, which is specifically designed to meet the lifestyle of even the most popular teenager. Whether for a teenager or an adult, Invisalign® works on exactly the same principle as traditional braces. In order to move teeth into a better alignment, pressure must be applied to the teeth so that they can start to move. Traditional braces achieve this with the help of metal brackets, screws, and rubber bands, all of which work in tandem to gradually increase the amount of pressure on a tooth and move it. Here, the same principle applies, as the aligners or trays apply pressure and are progressive in nature. Each iteration of the trays is designed to move the teeth a little further until they are in the correct spot. The advantage for a young wearer is that there are no dietary restrictions when you are using this technology. Everyone who has worn traditional braces is familiar with the laundry list of foods that cannot be consumed while wearing them. This includes things that are too sweet, too sour, too sticky, and too hard making for interesting meal choices. Since traditional braces are permanently affixed in the mouth, these dietary restrictions are put in place to protect them from damage. With Invisalign®, there are no dietary restrictions simply because you can remove the aligner, eat what every you want, and replace it for continued treatment. This has led our patients, young and old, to enjoy straightening their teeth.

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